Awesome New Design for Pandanda Crew!

I am buying css(cascading style sheets) for this site tonight, that means that I can change the sites design, any time! So, I will be adding pages, widgets, posts, and style tonight, look for some awesome updates tonight!



New Owner

Envy/Vitale has gave me, cowtail5, this awesome site! I payed for his membership, so he gave me this! Watch out for some awesome new stuff, like a twitter, youtube, new design and pages, and really fast cheats, glitches, news, and updates from me!

Come back soon….

~Cowtail5 May Be Back!

Hey Panda’s! This blog may be back and action . . . . stay tuned đŸ˜‰

-Pandanda Crew Owner, Vitale

Drawing Contest Ended

Hey guys’! Henry just gave us notice that the drawing contest was ended. Let’s have a look at what Henry has to say about the ending of the drawing contest:


So check in on Saturday to see if you won if you entered. Now here are some questions for you: Did you enter? Do you think you will win? If you win will you actually were your beta shirt in real life? Thank’s for reading at PandandaCrew!


Background Glitch

Hi Pandandacrew fan’s! were almost to 2,000 hit’s! Anyway I just wanted to make this post to show you guy’s that something weird has occured in Pandanda. I was logging on Easterbunny and his background is mostly blue. But guess what it was! White! so weird. Let’s look at a picture:


Very weird. Also happy 1 day late Earth Day! I wonder if this is a update to Pandanda because my player card is White or if it’s just simply a glitch. I wonder… Hmm… Anyway it doesn’t really do anything but change the look’s of yourPanda saved picture so it’s pretty much a useless glitch. Okay, thank’s for reading at Pandandacrew and I will have more glitches posted when I find them and if you find any feel free to comment them below. Thank’s!


Happy Earth Day!

Hey felow Panda’s. I just wanted to tell you about the New Earth Day post that Henry just made a few hours ago. So let’s take a look at what Henry has to say about Earth Day:


Pretty cool huh? In other new’s my Panda Dalton is banned forever… I hacked 1,100 eggs and 500,000 Coin’s so I guess I went overboard and they caught me. Attention to all hacker’s: Do not hack anymore on Pandanda it can bann your Panda forever like they banned Dalton. That was the coolest panda ever and now I need to start all over… Anyway my new panda is Easterbunny so if you see me say “hello” or something I also have a very secret Panda that no one know’s about and I will tell you it’s name at the 100,000 hit’s party. Thank’s for reading!


New Clothing Catalog!!

Hey everyone! Blowsight10 here and the new clothing catalog is out! There are a lot of cool things in this issue of The Pandanda Collection! Here are some of what you may see in the new issue:

Here is the new eye wear!

These are the new skirts for girl pandas of course!

Here are the new halter tops also for girls.

This is the new Western Apparel.

There’s also a new hat in the Denim Craze section!

And lastly, if you go to the very end of the clothing catalog, you will see a page that looks like this. It’s informing you about the new clothes you can buy! No, not on pandanda, at Zazzle! Zazzle is basically an online shop were you can buy clothing, souvenirs and such. COffee mugs, T-Shirts, key chains etc. If you want to visit Pandanda’s Zazzle you can click on where it says “check it out!” while you are looking at the catalog or you can visit their Zazzle by clicking here!

Thats all now! What do you guys think about the new catalog and online store?! It looks pretty cool! The clothing catalog has a spring style don’t you think? Comment your thoughts!